Is primary care really unsustainable?

We constantly hear politicians, clinicians and patients lamenting the state of our health system in Australia -but is it really that bad?

-In global terms the WHO rates us one of the better performing health care systems.

-Life expectancy continues to increase for all Australians, notwithstanding the unacceptable gap for our first Australians.

-In spite of the spiraling health costs governments always seem to find the extra dollars to keep the system growing to meet demand. (Notwithstanding the ongoing chorus of  concerns that the growth trend for health expenditure is unsustainable),

-Also, waste and inefficiency in health is someone’s profit margin so the commercial drivers aren’t necessarily promoting changing.

Some conversation starters:

Where do you personally stand on the health reform continuum?

Business as usual   ——–    Reform slowly & carefully   ——–   Reform hard  & fast

2. Where do you think your PHN stands on the health reform continuum & why?

3. How well aligned are your staff on their attitudes to the PHN’s role in reform?

4. How reform-ready is your local healthcare provider community?

5. How explicit is your Board in setting and communicating the reform appetite for your PHN?  What happens when this is in fact clouded?